Walk With Dorothy – Fall 2017


Take a walk down The Yellow Brick Road!  Make the commitment to walk as much as you can for 10 days, get your friends and family to support your efforts and you’ll be given the profile of one of our clients to walk with to help motivate you to give it all you’ve got!


Registration thru October 5th


  1. When you register to walk, you receive a packet with information on how to collect pledges and get sponsors. Each participant also receives a client profile, someone to walk with on this journey.
  2. Once you receive your packet, you will set your goal, seek sponsors/donors to give a specific amount per mile. Share the story of the TYB Client you are walking with on journey.
  3. On October 5th, you start walking. Record how far you walk each day between October 5th and October 15th.
  4. On October 16th, contact your sponsors/donors and let them know how many miles you achieved and collect the amount pledged. Donors may pay their pledge online at theyellowbrick.org via PayPal – be sure they indicate who they sponsored.  Please make checks out to The Yellow Brick.  All donations received through PayPal or paid by check or cash are tax deductible.
  5. Donation deadline is Friday, October 21st. Please mail PLEDGE CARDS AND DONATIONS to:

                                                                        PO Box 171906, Kansas City KS 66117.




100% of donations from the Walk with Dorothy Campaign will be used for Client Services to help empower women to build a better life!  Register at www.theyellowbrick.org to Walk with Dorothy!



Why “Walk with Dorothy”

  • Helps raise awareness of services available through TYB
  • Raises money for TYB
  • Anybody can help (all ages welcome to participate and you can walk anywhere)
  • It feels good to help others and yourself
  • You get motivation to walk
  • Get to walk with one of TYB clients and grow in solidarity
  • Why not?




The Yellow Brick Foundation walks with our clients, step by step to set goals and achieve them.  Walk with Dorothy allows our supporters to “walk in our client’s shoes” by setting a goal and raise funding for TYB.  Each participant receives a profile of a client to walk with as they walk their intended amount over 10 days and will collect pledges per mile or one time donation to TYB.

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