Spring Cleaning Drive 2018


February 25th thru March 25th

Have you ever  had to choose between a package of toilet paper and a gallon of milk?  We hope never have to but it is a common reality for many.  Did you know that toilet paper is not listed as an essential need and cannot be purchased with food stamps or WIC/SNAP funding?  The annual Spring Cleaning Drive is The Yellow Brick Foundation’s way of stocking our shelves with much needed items to relieve stress of our clients.  The items provided by generous donors allows us to not only provide much needed items but to teach others how to stay happy and healthy!


Items in high demand…

Toilet Paper

Paper Towels

Dish-washing Soap

Laundry Soap

Dryer Sheets

Hand Soap

Dishwasher Soap



Thank you for providing home essentials

to the clients of The Yellow Brick Foundation, it is a HUGE gift!


There’s no place like home!

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