Story and Mission

The journey began…

On September 10, 2013 Heather Neds met with her Job Coach, Judy Nies at Keeler Women’s Center.  Unaware of what might conspire, Judy invited Theresa Grass to the meeting.  It didn’t take long after these three ladies met that they knew they did not meet by accident.  They immediately went to work to begin a nonprofit organization to meet women where they are to get them where they want to be.  They realized right away that women who are on the edge of the poverty line often fall prey to bad decisions and the “system” is not set up for them to succeed.  The Yellow Brick Foundation was created to fill the gap between government assistance and self-sustainability.

They began with a donation drive to bring awareness of the services they were to provide to the residents in and around Wyandotte County.  They reached out to several nonprofit organizations to see if they could fill a gap by providing educational programs in exchange for client referrals; women who showed determination and potential to go after something more. Within the first year they had began working with some woman and created lasting relationships with area social service agencies to work together to make an impact in the community.

One of the main driving forces in building up The Yellow Brick Foundation is knowing that families often live paycheck to paycheck and are one emergency away from homelessness.  There are too many who struggle to put food on the table and have no where to turn to get a leg up in life.  Another is knowing that poverty is a cycle and a person can only make decisions based on what they have learned.  Providing not only educational programs but also one on one mentoring gives those ready and willing, to make steps forward to a better life, The Yellow Brick Foundation inspires change in many of the people who cross their path.

On the road…


The Yellow Brick Foundation’s mission is to meet women where they are to get them where they want to be through education and one on one mentoring.  This mission is met by partnering with service agencies to provide a variety of classes to attempt to satisfy specific needs in a woman’s life.  No matter age, race or any other demographic, women are called to come and participate however they can either one time or on a regular basis.  The Yellow Brick Foundation doesn’t provide a service one time and then let go, they reach out to those they serve to check in with them to ensure they are maintaining wellness.

Our hearts desire…


The Co-Founders want people to remember the name of The Yellow Brick Foundation because of the Wizard of OZ.  They encourage people to look at clients as “Dorothy”, someone looking for her heart’s desire.  The Mentors and Volunteer Staff of the The Yellow Brick Foundation are the companions on the journey, those who walk with her and encourage her on the road to success.  Donors are “Glenda the Good Witch” providing the means possible for them to continue on the journey to set and achieve the goals clients have in life one step at a time.  Every person can and will encounter the “Wicked Witch” on their journey and need to be reminded that they have the brains, the heart and the courage to make it to the end of the rainbow!


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