Host a Supply Drive

Host a Supply Drive

Special drives give you the opportunity to rally others like you to bring much-needed supplies to local families. Every item you collect can help one more woman succeed.

Supply drives are fun and easy to host.  Collections are perfect for your family gatherings, birthday parties, office team building, church and civic group activities. Use your imagination and the drive possibilities are endless.

You may consider a combination of one or more of these types of drives:

  • Cleaning Supply Drive: paper towels, toilet paper, tissue, bathroom & kitchen cleaners, dish soap, and laundry soap
  • Hygiene Drive: soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, shaving cream, lotion, and mouthwash
  • Clothing Drive: new or gently-used women’s professional work wear, jewelry, purses, shoes hats and scarves

Here are some of the ways drives have been conducted:

  • Placing a box in your business and engaging your customers in the drive
  • Conducting a drive in your office with your co-workers
  • Asking your invited guests to bring cleaning supplies to your special gathering/party
  • Asking your networking group to bring supplies to your next meeting
  • Religious group and civic organization drives

How to Get Started

Determine what type of supply drive you want to host:

  • A full supply drive, collecting all of the items on the wish list.
  • Focus on specific types of items, like collecting hygiene items.
  • Collect bags filled with cleaning supplies

You can run your campaign for a day, a week, a month, a semester, or even year-round.  Choose the length of time and the dates during which you will host the supply drive (unless it’s a party, we recommend 2-4 weeks or longer if you like).  Select appropriate collection bins or boxes for your location.


Before the drive:

  • Tell everyone about the drive.
  • Send out an email, memo or voicemail announcing the kickoff date.
  • Announce the drive in your invitations, facebook, newsletters and meeting announcements.
  • Distribute flyers to your staff and membership.
  • Let the community relations or public relations department know about the drive.

During the drive:

  • Set up a box at your party, or put boxes out in high traffic areas.
  • Have some fun and decorate your collection box.
  • Make sure everyone knows what’s on the wish list.
  • Organize competitions. Create “teams” and award prizes to those who collect the most supplies.
  • Create fun themes, such as “Casual Fridays” to encourage and reward team donations.
  • Keep participants informed by tracking progress, and celebrating successes.
  • Announce when the drive is reaching its end (about one week prior).


Once your supply drive is complete, contact us to arrange a day and time to deliver the items, or to have them picked up.


We are committed to being excellent stewards of funds generated through our various fundraising initiatives and place a strong emphasis on financial transparency.

100% of net proceeds (event revenue minus expenses) from the Third-Party event must be donated to The Yellowbrick Foundation.

For more information, please email and we’ll help you get started or fill out the form below.


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