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Our commitment to women by promoting strong daily living skills and a sense of hope for the future empowers them to stay committed and follow through on the path of accomplishment.


Women get stuck in the cycle of poverty due to a variety of circumstances including lack of education, negative or unforeseen events such as abuse and divorce, or poor upbringing.  The Yellow Brick Foundation through mentoring and other programs offer support to build confidence, self-image, and understanding for women to get and stay off of government assistance.  State assistance programs encourage individuals to become self-sufficient yet they provide no transitional services as families learn to budget and plan spending without supplemental programs. Families suddenly find themselves without the aid of reduced rent and utilities, they experience a reduction in their family food budget, and other miscellaneous expenses beyond what their entry level employment can sustain.  This leads many to feel frustrated and pressured and think the only way to survive is to turn back to the government and away from employment.

For example a woman working with a state case worker is able to obtain a full time job for more than minimum wage.  Her new income disqualifies her from receiving benefits from the state even though her income is not enough to cover necessary expenses.  The case worker can no longer offer her assistance but The Yellow Brick Foundation can continue to work with the client to budget, plan and gain knowledge to keep her from giving up and falling back into the system.

Long term consequences of lack of support for these women who want to break the cycle of poverty without agencies like The Yellow Brick Foundation are more women seeking assistance from government agencies.  These women will not gain the life skills needed to live successfully or raise self-sustaining children so the cycle of poverty will continue.  The Yellow Brick Foundation picks up where the government leaves off and continues to support the goals of these women working for a better life.





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