Client Stories

On the Road with Vickie

Vickie is actually not an official client, rather she is a donor who was inspired by the work The Yellow Brick Foundation does and was motivated to make a positive change in her life.  She had been in the same job for several years and was feeling bored.  She was also tired of being tired all the time because the time she spent commuting to and from work, which often meant she was late to many of her kids’ school functions.  When she learned about The Yellow Brick Foundation and our mission to build better lives, she was reminded she had the power to make a change.  She put her resume together and began the job search.  It turned out there was a position open within the same company which was a level up, better hours, closer to home and she would be able to wear jeans instead of business suits to work.  She obtained the position and is now able to spend more time doing what she loves, spending time with her family!

On the Road with Kathleen

Kathleen was referred to The Yellow Brick Foundation through a mediator of the court system.  She lived with her mom and her 15 year old daughter.  Kathleen is unable to maintain a job due to her mental illness but wanted to become self-sustainable and move out of her mother’s house.  We work one on one with Kathleen mentoring her and teaching her about budgeting and other independent living life skills.  She was the first of our clients to receive one of the Passion Planners which were donated by that organization to The Yellow Brick Foundation to use with clients.  In addition to the mentoring, we were able to provide Kathleen with a trac phone to give to her daughter to use.  We continue to walk with Kathleen through her ups and downs helping her find a focus and work to be the best person she can.

On the Road with Celine & JoJo

This couple was referred to us by a community service agency who had done all they could to help this family.  The family includes the two women, two boys 5 & 8 and an 8 year old girl.  Celine works as a home nurse and takes the bus to and from work while JoJo works at Burger King.  When we met them they were living in a hotel but were going to be moving into a home provided through another community service agency.  They needed many things to help set up their new home including beds, kitchen items, window coverings, etc.  We provided them with cleaning supplies and toiletries as well as a recliner, sheets for their beds and other miscellaneous household items which had been donated to The Yellow Brick Foundation from an estate sale.  We continue to work with the family and are helping Celine to obtain her Kansas driver’s license.

On the Road with Tricia

Tricia came to us by referral of one of our volunteers.  She was working with a job coach to find a job and had obtained an interview for a good position with a big organization.  The stress of not having a job for a few months and trying to make ends meet was starting to get to Tricia.  In an attempt to save money, she had let her laundry pile up and had been washing clothes in the bathtub to keep her son, age 6 dressed for school.  Our first official meeting with Tricia was after she had the interview but we met with her for an emergency meeting to give her some money and laundry detergent to get some laundry done at the laundry mat.  This little gift was huge to Tricia and helped relieve some stress before her big interview.  She didn’t get the original position but she did obtain a job within two weeks.

On the road with Vanessa

We met Vanessa through one of our ACT-RSK Programs.  She signed up for the class to help her learn more about being a good parent to her three kids, ages 5, 11 & 13.  Vanessa struggles with addiction.  She has been in drug rehab and because of her drug use; she has not always had custody of her children.  She realized her choice to do drugs was selfish and it was hurting her children so she decided to do whatever she needed to do to make a change.  In addition to the ACT Program, we referred her to a parent support group to work with a counselor who specializes in family trauma to work on her feelings of guilt for neglecting her children.  She also worked with one of our job coach volunteers to help her make a plan to get a better job; she was working at a restaurant as a waitress but really wanted to get out of food service and do something where she could be more creative.  Vanessa continues to make great strides in providing a better life for herself and her kids.

On the Road with Andrea

Andrea came to us via our website but had been a previous client at DCF and participated in Miss Judy’s Successful Living Course.  She contacted us because she wanted some assistance applying for social security disability benefits as she had recently been placed on disability.  We were able to help.  We also brought her a new client box full of cleaning supplies, toiletry items and paper products.  She has two sons who live with her, ages 24 & 15.  Her 24 year old son works to help support the family.  We have worked with the family to help them budget their finances, especially while they wait for the disability benefits to be approved, and make some better choices.  We are able to bring the family miscellaneous items each time we meet due to the generosity of our donors during the Spring Cleaning Drive.

On the Road with Julie

Julie is a client whom we work with one on one for mentoring.  She has a 13 year old son and they live in a one bedroom apartment.  She has had a series of jobs but was unable to keep one for very long due to paranoia.  We referred her to an agency to help her get the medication she needed to not get distracted.  She was able to obtain a job as a maid at a prominent hotel and has maintained that position.  We check in with Julie regularly to see how she is doing and have provided her with cleaning supplies/toiletry items from the Spring Cleaning Drive as well as given her clothing which was donated to Dottes Closet.

On the road with Charlotte

Charlotte had a season of bad luck and had fallen into depression.  She reached out to us as she was trying to get out of the pit on her own but still wasn’t able to see the light.  When we started working with her she had recently lost her job because she had missed a lot of work due to a sudden illness of her husband.  Besides her husband, she was also still taking care of their son who lived with them.  There was an immediate need for this family which was to pay for one month’s rent to catch them up.  The Yellow Brick Foundation contacted the landlord and covered the expense which helped take away the family’s fear of getting evicted so they could focus on getting their other bills paid.  We worked with Charlotte to update her resume and helped her find another job.  We also gave the family discounted prescription cards to use for the medication Charlotte’s husband needed.  These things kept Charlotte from falling deeper into the pit and she continues to work one step at a time to keep from falling back in.


On the road with Yolanda

Yolanda came to us through a referral from one of our community partners for job coaching.  We discovered one of the roadblocks of her finding employment was that she didn’t have a social security card.  We were able to help her get her card and help her find a job.  However, the job she secured was in Manhattan Kansas which meant she needed to move here. Luckily, she had friends and family there who could help her get on her feet once she was able to get there.  The Yellow Brick Foundation purchased Yolanda a bus ticket to get her and her belongings to Manhattan for her to start her new job.  We keep in touch with Yolanda and she is still doing very well.


On the road with Maria

Maria is a stay at home mother of four children ages 8, 11, 15 & 17.  She is married and her husband works as a mechanic.  They struggle to keep up with their bills and receive some assistance from the government for food.  She reached out to us because she was trying to decide if she should get a job to help out her family now that her children are all in school.  After a few sessions we learned Maria’s husband didn’t want her to get a job outside the home; he believed it was the man’s responsibility to take care of his family.  We helped Maria discover some of her talents and hobbies in order for her to feel she was contributing to the family.  Through this self-discovery Maria’s outlook changed.  She no longer felt like she wasn’t good enough and began working daily to take better care of herself which showed on the inside and outside.  When she started paying attention to herself she was able to take better care of her family.  She took classes in meal planning/budgeting which helped stretch their money.  Unfortunately, one day she contacted us with bad news…she had just been to the store and purchased a month’s worth of groceries and their refrigerator went out.  We were able to contact one of our donors who we knew had a refrigerator for sale.  They donated the fridge and were able to get it delivered to the family before any of the food was spoiled.

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